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    John Edward

    John Edward Coussell


    1850 - 1930

    Notable facts

    Worked as a compositor with the Manchester Guardian. Moved to London thereafter.


    Ernest Coussell


    1879 - 1947

    Notable facts

    Journalist and horse breeder. Jointly founded the British Bloodstock Agency. Travelled to Normandy and Kentucky buying and selling racehorses. Regular columnist on racing papers.


    Albert Coussell

    Marine Engineer

    1883 - 1964

    Notable facts

    Joined the London Division Royal Naval Reserve in 1916. Served in the Mediterranean during the First War on Motor Launches and Cruisers. Worked for Steward and Patterson at Ely. Modified his car to run on paraffin to overcome petrol shortages.


    John "Eddie" Coussell

    Motor Engineer

    1894 - 1977

    Notable facts

    Served in the First War as a Despatch Rider. Lived in Bournemouth. Bought one of the first Minis made.


    Eric Coussell


    1908 - 1984

    Notable facts

    Operated the bakery at Wendling and a football pools syndicate. Local pub was the Dun Cow at Salthouse for a while. Lived at Hunstanton when retired. Four children.


    Ian Coussell

    Estate Agent

    1913- 1990

    Notable facts

    Served in the RAF with Bomber Command during the Second War. Proprietor of H H Walker Estate Agents in St Peters Road Sheringham. Operated Barney Brickworks near Fakenham. Six children.


    John Coussell


    1948 - 2000

    Notable facts

    Served in the Fire Service and Civil Service. Linguist and writer in later years . Lived in Liverpool, Runcorn and Norwich, spent two years in Bavaria.

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