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Friday April 15th 1859

DEAL - April 15 [by Magnetic Telegraph, this day]

The sloop Liberal, Bowen, of Wisbech, for St Valery from Grangemouth (iron) is wrecked on the Goodwin Sands. John Norman a lad, saved by the Walmer Lifeboat. Three, including master, drowned.


April 15, 1859

DEAL, 15th April.

[rec'd per M.T.at 9.15]

A sloop apparently a billy-boy, was discovered on the Goodwin Sand at daybreak this morning. Her hull is under water, and the crew have taken to the rigging. A Deal lugger and the Walmer life-boat are gone to her assistance, but the sea is so heavy it is doubtful if they will succeed in saving the crew. Wind N.W. strong.

[rec'd per M.T.at 9.15]

The vessel reported on the Goodwin Sands this morning has disappeared; she proves to have been the LIBERAL of Wisbech, Bowen, from Grangemoth to St Valery, with iron ore; one man saved and two men drowned.

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Wreck on the Goodwin Sands



Friday, April 22 1859


The above vessel, the property of Mr George Haley of this port, which left Grangemouth on Wednesday the 6th inst., encountered a heavy gale in the Channel on Thursday night, the 14th inst., and on Friday morning between two and three o'clock, ran on the south side of the Goodwin Sands. At daybreak the vessel was seen from Deal and a Deal boat being afloat in the Downs, was observed to run down towards the vessel in distress, but it being nearly low water she could not approach it. The wind was W. N. W. blowing very hard and with a heavy cross sea upon the sands. As soon as the tide flowed sufficiently, the lifeboat of the Royal National Life-Boat Institution was launched and crossed over the sands under her oars through a very dangerous sea and got alongside the vessel. While getting her masts and sails down preparatory to to going alongside, the lifeboat crew observed a man fall overboard from the rigging. The mate had been peviously drowned by the upsetting of a small boat belonging to the vessel which had been got out before daylight. The vessel proved to be the "Liberal " of Wisbech , bound from Grangemouth to St Valery, France, with a cargo of iron. The sloop was breaking up fast and mast and upper works gave way altogether. As the lifeboat went alongside, the boy Norman was was got into the lifeboat as the mast fell, but the master was thrown overboard. One of the crew of the lifeboat John Chidwick, fearlessly jumped overboard in the heavy sea, and succeeded in bringing the master in a very exhausted state alongside the lifeboat. Two of the lifeboat crew got hold of the master by his coat, but a heavy sea came and and he unfortunately sank to rise no more, notwithstanding the noble efforts of the lifeboat crew.